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Central Wisconsin’s supplier of Roto-Rooter products

At Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain Service we are proud to be associated with Roto-Rooter. Their established name only adds credit to our business. Not only have their products withstood the test of time they have also been on the cutting edge as the industry advances. There is nothing we’d rather use on our own pipes, sewers and drains than Roto-Rooter.
Roto rooter pipe shield supplied for smooth plumbing system in Plover, WI

Roto-Rooter Pipe Shield 

Roto-Rooter Pipe Shield is an amazing product that doesn’t remove clogs, it prevents them. It keeps materials such as grease, soap, and fats from piling up and creating a problem that only a professional can fix. Created with the environment in mind it contains zero harsh or toxic chemicals. It’s an easy economical way to keep your plumbing system running smoothly. All you have to do is apply it once a month to kitchen, bathroom, shower, tub and other drains

Cleaning supplies

The easiest way to avoid disaster is to get ahead of it. Routine maintenance on our sewers, drains, septic tanks, and sump pumps can save us headaches and a few dollars in the future. Maintaining these systems is easy, and affordable. We happily offer the very same products we use at a price you can afford. Call us to speak with one of our professionals to learn more.

Roto-Rooter Root Destroyer

It’s not uncommon for deep seated roots from trees and shrubs to find their way into our plumbing systems. They sneak in through tiny cracks and grow into the pipes. This can cause quite a mess by building blockages in your line that will not budge. With Roto-Rooter Root Destroyer you can stop those roots in their tracks and keep your system running as it should. The best part is, Root Destroyer only kills the roots in your system and not the rest of the plants in your yard.
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